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Pygmalion 4.0

An encounter with artificial intelligence

Farbverlauf im Hintergrund

Artistic Direction Anna Sophie Brüning

Dance Sara Ezzell

Acting Christoph Tomanek

with Baroque Orchestra »la Festa musicale« Hanover

Music by Georg Benda, Ludwig van Beethoven, Michel van der Aa, Domenico Scarlatti, AI?

Premiere October 2021

Next performance 10th of May, 2023, Concert Hall Ricarda-Huch Schule, Hanover

The myth of Pygmalion meets artificial intelligence through music, choreography and acting.

An interdisciplinary performance about the sculptor Pygmalion, who, disappointed by real women, chisels himself a beautiful female sculpture. He finds her so alluring that he falls in love with her and asks the gods to make her human. Lo and behold, she opens her eyes, moves her hand and says »Here I am«. Then, fate takes its course. Galathea becomes more alive than her creator would like and, as an artificial intelligence, dominates not only her creator but also the orchestra, the conductor, the audience ...

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