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& Musical Restorations

Farbverlauf im Hintergrund

A lot of wonderful music lies untouched in archives for different reasons, either composers were not lucky enough to have congenial lyricists, or the dramaturgy of the piece is not right, or simply because the themes of the music are no longer of interest.

Together with the author and director Paula Fünfeck and the music publisher Boosey & Hawkes, I have musically arranged, finished composing and published three Opera pasticcios, i.e. new versions of Operas for families, which have been translated into several languages and performed at Opera houses all over Europe. (Hamburg and Vienna State Opera, Madrid and Strasbourg Opera Houses, Linz and Innsbruck and many more). Since then, I regularly arranges for orchestras, brass bands and chamber ensembles or finish compositions of left over fragments of music.

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