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Die Bürgschaft


Farbverlauf im Hintergrund

Musical Direction Anna Sophie Brüning

Stage Director Paula Fünfeck

Acting Christoph Tomanek

with Apollo 18-Choir of the Juvenile Prison Adelsheim, State Youth Orchestra Baden-Württemberg, Mädchenchor der Musikschule Möckmühl (Lead: Regine Böhm), Jeon Jong Wook (baritone), Simon Stricker (baritone), Lisa Böhm (soprano)

Premiere Summer 2015

Baden-Baden Theatre, Möckmühl City Hall, Adelsheim Prison

This new version of Schubert's Opera fragment »die Bürgschaft« was written by Paula Fünfeck and me especially for this performance. This new text features a highly current subject. What do we do with the dictators of this world? How far does friendship go? What if unborn children intervene?

In the country of Creech-Cicily, Dionysios II rules. He orders demonstrations for democracyto be bloodily put down, thousands have already died. Damon, dressed in women's clothes, is to carry out an assassination attempt on the king, but the attempt fails and Damon is to be executed immediately. In order for his sister's wedding to take place, Damon asks for a three-day postponement – Dionysius accepts Damon's offer to leave his friend Kostas behind as a hostage. If he does not return in time, Kostas is to die in his place. Trusting in his friend, Kostas gives himself into the dictator's hands – the fierce resistance of his pregnant wife Anna remains ineffective. At first everything is going according to plan and the wedding takes place. The way back, however, turns out to be an obstacle course and Anna, close to madness from despair, plans to carry out a suicide bombing during her husband's execution, which will also take Dionysios to his death. At the very last minute Damon returns, ready to die, but the future in the shape of Anna and Kostas' unborn children intervenes.

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