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Emanuel Reichert-Lübberts new Violin-Concerto

Farbverlauf im Hintergrund

Not often does it happen anymore in the classical music world, that a soloist is also a composer and plays the Solopart in a Concerto with orchestra that he had just composed.

When i was asked to conduct Emmanuel Reichert-Lübbert´s Violin-Concerto „Eudaimonia“ with the Mainzer Virtuosi in two concerts in February 2023 in Mainz and Koblenz (Germany) i was not expecting to find myself in the heart of a very international and truly superb string department around Prof. Anne Shih. Emmanuels Violin-Concerto turned out to be a challenge of its own: full of inspiration, beauty, surprises, a singing orchestra and a whistling soloist playing a duet with himself...
In July we performed the piece again, this time with the Casalmaggiore International Festival Orchestra.

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