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A Passion

Farbverlauf im Hintergrund

Musical direction Juri de Marco & Anna-Sophie Brüning 
Direction Ulrike Schwab 
Arrangements Malte Schiller, Alistair Duncan, Bertram Burkert, Anna-Sophie Brüning, Juri de Marco & ensemble members of the Stegreif Orchestra 
Musical Rehearsal Anna-Sophie Brüning 
Set Design Pia Dederichs and Marina Stefan 
Project Idea/Dramaturgy Bernhard Glocksin
with Hrund Ósk Árnadóttir, Daniel Arnaldos, Derya Atakan, Thomas Florio, Enrico Wenzel, Justus Wilcken, as well as Leon Albert, Anne-Sophie Bereuter, Franz Berlin, Julia Biłat, Anna-Sophie Brüning, Bertram Burkert, Sebastian Casper, Nikola Djurica, Konstantin Döben, Alistair Duncan, Nina Kazourian, Paul Lapp, Laura Lorx, Juri de Marco, Helena Montag, Jakob Petzl, Maria Reich, Antonio Rivero

A production of the Neuköllner Oper and the Stegreif Orchester with Juri de Marco and Ulrike Schwab.

In record time, the Stegreif Orchester has become a leading protagonist for innovative concerts - a pool of 30 cross-genre musicians* who love the heritage of classical music as much as free improvisation, jazz and other styles.

Our Giovanni was not so much another production of the world-famous opera as an expedition into the alchemy of the myth, the magic of Mozart's music and the creativity of the 22 performers.

I was involved in this production as orchestra & ensemble coach, arranger and instrumentalist of the Stegreif Orchester Berlin. An inspiring experience and artistic border crossing. A correction of assumptions of the possible in Opera and its creation processes.

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